Thursday, September 29, 2011

NxNW Fashion Competition - Vote for me!

Voting starts tomorrow!!! Please vote for me in the People's Choice category - If chosen, I win a trip to Iceland!
Thanks for your support!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Silk Shrugs

I've made two of these now, and I think they've turned out just precious! I think that they could dress up any half-way fancy outfit into something spectacular. I'm hoping to make it to the fabric store to get more shades of Dupioni silk so I can make these in a range of colors. That will have to wait until I deal with my stolen debit card... but that's another story.
So, here's a few pictures and links to the Etsy listings -

Let me know what you think!
This is the Pink and Taupe listing, and This is the gold!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

NxNW Entry

Hello internet world!
For your viewing pleasure today I have a few shots of my hats which I entered in the NxNW Fashion Competition, hosted by the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle. My hats will be displayed at the Museum in conjunction with the Nordic Fashion Biennale exhibition this fall, from September 30 to November 13, 2011. I'm thrilled to go with my family when I'm up visiting before Thanksgiving!

There will be two winners, a Judge's Choice and a People's Choice, the later of which will be an online vote open to the public. I'm already asking for your support! I have my fingers crossed that I'm the only Milliner who entered, so my entry will stand out even more.

The two hats together are one entry, as they are a Man and woman's companion hats. I call them The Fisherman and The Huldra. The point was to design a piece that was inspired by Nordic Heritage, with the past influencing the future. My 100-word design statements reads,

"The Fisherman is a dapper men's Wellington top hat made of lambswool and features fish leather and an antique fishing net. It channels traditional materials of the seafaring working man into a modern, sophisticated topper.

The Huldra, its ladies counterpart, is inspired by the Scandinavian folkloric seductress who lives in the woodlands and lures men to their demise with her dazzling beauty. Rich, forest green velvet is adorned with a bird wing, leaves and ribbons, and ends with a tassel, reminiscent of the Huldra’s revealing tail and also inspired by the iconic tassel of the Icelandic National Costume’s tail-cap."

There you have it! Any feedback?