Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Life is keeping me very busy with little time for interesting blog posts. Sorry! But not really! Life is fun when it's busy!

I've started working part time at Dark Garden: Unique Corsetry in San Francisco. It's great, I'm working as one of their cutters right now and we'll see what other task get thrown my way! Sewing in a production setting is fast paced and precise! I've already learned a lot, and have only been there 3 days!!!

Voting is in full swing for the NxNW Design competition. Voting will be going on until November 13th, and the website it none-too-clear about how often voting can happen, so I say, VOTE, VOTE AWAY! At least ONCE A DAY! :) My passport thanks you. Check out my last entry for a link to the voting.

New photos up on Etsy from my photoshoot with Christopher Mackessy! The above photo is credit to him, and a features a new hat by me!

Hope everyone is well out in internet land!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

NxNW Fashion Competition - Vote for me!

Voting starts tomorrow!!! Please vote for me in the People's Choice category - If chosen, I win a trip to Iceland!
Thanks for your support!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Silk Shrugs

I've made two of these now, and I think they've turned out just precious! I think that they could dress up any half-way fancy outfit into something spectacular. I'm hoping to make it to the fabric store to get more shades of Dupioni silk so I can make these in a range of colors. That will have to wait until I deal with my stolen debit card... but that's another story.
So, here's a few pictures and links to the Etsy listings -

Let me know what you think!
This is the Pink and Taupe listing, and This is the gold!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

NxNW Entry

Hello internet world!
For your viewing pleasure today I have a few shots of my hats which I entered in the NxNW Fashion Competition, hosted by the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle. My hats will be displayed at the Museum in conjunction with the Nordic Fashion Biennale exhibition this fall, from September 30 to November 13, 2011. I'm thrilled to go with my family when I'm up visiting before Thanksgiving!

There will be two winners, a Judge's Choice and a People's Choice, the later of which will be an online vote open to the public. I'm already asking for your support! I have my fingers crossed that I'm the only Milliner who entered, so my entry will stand out even more.

The two hats together are one entry, as they are a Man and woman's companion hats. I call them The Fisherman and The Huldra. The point was to design a piece that was inspired by Nordic Heritage, with the past influencing the future. My 100-word design statements reads,

"The Fisherman is a dapper men's Wellington top hat made of lambswool and features fish leather and an antique fishing net. It channels traditional materials of the seafaring working man into a modern, sophisticated topper.

The Huldra, its ladies counterpart, is inspired by the Scandinavian folkloric seductress who lives in the woodlands and lures men to their demise with her dazzling beauty. Rich, forest green velvet is adorned with a bird wing, leaves and ribbons, and ends with a tassel, reminiscent of the Huldra’s revealing tail and also inspired by the iconic tassel of the Icelandic National Costume’s tail-cap."

There you have it! Any feedback?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Charlie Bones Inc. Photoshoot!!

I'm thrilled to be able to share some shots from a recent photoshoot with Sweet Carousel Corsetry, shot by the fabulous Charlie Bones Inc.
I was contacted by the model to make a little something to go with her corset for the shoot - and I think that despite never seeing the corset in person it was a great color match! And an adorable tricorn!

Click here to see more shots, and view the item on my Etsy page!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake Pillbox!

I'm up in Washington visiting family and going to my partner's sister's wedding - Lot's of summer fun around here!
In honor of the season, the Burlesque Etsy Team of which I am a member hosted a summer challenge, and I created an adorable Strawberry Shortcake pillbox hat!
I think it turned out really cute! Proper photos to come soon!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Steven Jones Millinery Competition

Vote for me! Ok, so I may be 500 votes away from being in the top 10, but I'd love it if you could vote for my hat in the Steven Jones Vogue UK Millinery Competition - the winner would receive a 2 week internship with the man himself! Swoon!! I've got a few other friends with their hats in the ring, so take a trip over and check out the great creations!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

NxNW Fashion Competition

I'm so excited to announce that I'm a finalist for the NxNW Fashion Competition, hosted by the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle, WA! Charged to design a garment or accessory, where Nordic past influences the future, I created two beautiful companion hats. Pictures and design concept to come, but please wish me luck as two lucky winners will receive a trip to Iceland, and a pass to an amazing fashion event! Cross your fingers!

Painting by Richard Barham

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blog Feature - Millinery Marvels

I'm honored to have been featured in the craft blog "Elephunk's Trunk", in their Millinery Marvels series. Please click here to read it!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Miss Indigo Blue Treasury Challenge

As a Washington native, I'm very proud of the newly crowned Miss Exotic World, Miss Indigo Blue from Seattle! The Burlesque Etsy team, of which I am a member, has hosted a challenge for Miss Indigo Blue inspired designs, and we're honored to have the Queen herself be our judge!

Click here to see the treasury, with all the competing items!

Click here to see my brand new mini-tricorn!!

Wish me luck, as she'll be reviewing the entries this weekend!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dress for Lara

I just finished this dress for Lara, which is made out of some gorgeous Nigerian blockprint cotton she gave to me to re-purpose. Well, I almost finished it, because it still needs its zipper, which I'll pick up next time I'm at a fabric store!

This is the fabric and it's finishing from before - I wish I had snapped a photo of the actual dress! It would have been a great before and after!

I used Vogue pattern #8469, which I had gotten on impulse during at 10 patterns for $10 sale at JoAnns. It's in their "Very Easy Vogue" line, and I thought it was simple and straightforward in it's construction. There's a bit of handsewing, though, in the slip-stitching of the midriff lining and armhole lining, so it took a bit longer than I had expected.

I ended up using some seafoam lining I had on hand, and I think it makes for a cute color combination. Since the cotton is so stiff, I used a really lightweight woven interfacing on the midriff.

Used my new double needle for the first time!! Two needles, two spools, one bobbin - easy and a clean finish! What's not to love?!

I'm looking forward to putting the zipper in, and giving the dress to Lara - though really I just can't wait for her to wear it!

I have a new hat being photographed by Charlie Bones this weekend, and I'm so looking forward to seeing the images!!! And of course, sharing them with you.

Happy Fourth of July!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bernie Dexter shoot

Hi there internet world! As promised, here are a few shots from the photoshoot with Bernie Dexter, by Levi Dexter! Bernie is the iconic pin-up gal of our time, so I was thrilled when she agreed to shoot a few of my pieces. The fascinators and pasties are mine, the rest of her ensemble are from her own collection.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Wedding hairpiece

My future family in laws are getting married this summer, and I was thrilled when Liz asked me if I would make her a hairpiece to wear on her wedding day. To view her beautiful blog, and a post about my creation you can check out her blog at A Homegrown Wedding.

For her hairpiece, I used some silk flowers that she sent, and opened them up to remove all the plastic and metal hardware. I then stripped some white duck feathers, and filled out the flower with feather petals. It was a whim, but turned out to be a really beautiful effect which is really delicate and whimsical. Liz also included some gorgeous wax flowers that belonged in her Grandmother's wedding veil, and I mounted those in the center of the flowers, and spotted them with clear Swarovski rhinestones. Trimmed in russian veiling and mounted on a leather pad with an alligator clip, this little lady is ready for her big day - Oh, and I'm sure the bride will be ready too. :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Jimmy Dean!

Introducing... Jimmy Dean! The new wiener in my life. :) What started as a foster situation, blossomed into love and here he is, in his forever home!

His favorite thing to do (besides sit on a lap) is go for a walk, which we do at least 4 times a day! Living next to a beautiful lake makes it so easy to go outside. Ah, I love Oakland.

Not to be misleading, this photo is in Golden Gate Park, not in Oakland!

In other news, I have three sets of Fascinators & Pasties which are being photographed by the wonderful Dexter duo of Bernie and Levi. I can't wait to see the photos, and I'll be sure to share them as soon as they arrive! To see some other Bernie Dexter and Levi Dexter's other work, go to

Monday, May 9, 2011


The BF and I moved to a new apartment in Oakland - a two bedroom with an entire room dedicated to my business! I am thrilled to finally have space, and not have to worry about spreading my stuff out and make a mess. Not that he cared, but it definitely compromised my sanity to live amongst my projects as my last workspace doubled as our living room.

I've been making a lot of hats for Topsy Turvy Design, and can't wait to share some exciting new that should be coming sooooooon! But until then, I've finally listed on Etsy my adorable pasties, which are made to coordinate with corresponding fascinators. Check it out below -

Pasties can be attached to your ta-tas with toupee tape or spirit gum, whichever you choose. Many pasties out on the market are lined with felt which leaves residue on your bits and gets gunked up with spirit gum FAST. Luckily, my pasties are lined in faux-leather, which allows for a durable and long life, and clean nipples for you!
Pasties and fascinators are available in my Etsy store! Go to to get a closer look, see all the sizes, and more colors.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Houndstooth Photoshoot

We've had some gorgeous weather the last few weeks here in Oakland, but, alas, all things must come to pass. Apparently it's monsoon season now, and that's punctuated by my new job as a dog walker. Though I'm thrilled to be hiking with dogs every other day, I'm trying to find more time for crafting and sewing.

I've gotten a few more photos from Aura O'Brien's shoot in December. These photos are of my houndstooth wing fascinator, corset, and chemise!!

The fascinator is already up on etsy, and I'm hoping to get the corset and chemise up there very soon.

I'd love any feedback!

Model: Kara Ghilarducci
Designer: La Petite Menagerie
MUA: flaunt Makeup Artistry
Hair Stylist: Zoe King
Photo: Aura O'Brien

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Craftster Best of 2010 Winner

I'd also like to share that my fascinators are now for sale at Teatro Zinzanni's boutique in San Fracissco, located on Pier 29! So exciting!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Edwardian Ball

I had a great time at Edwardian Ball!! The Topsy Turvy Design booth was gorgeous, and I had so much fun sharing it with Topsy Turvy, Sewmanity aka Manicorn, and Thomas Ogden. Plus, my cigarette girl costume was a hit and my tray came in handy selling hats on the road... err... around the vending hall.

I handed out a bazillion business cards, so if you're reading this because of one, Welcome and I'd love to hear from you!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Aura O'Brien Shoot

I'm so excited to share a few more photos. These are the first of many from a shoot by Aura O'Brien, a great photographer out of Marin County.

The old barn made my Cigarette Girl costume look right at home!

Model: Annette Dana
Photo: Aura O'Brien Photography
Costume, Hat: La Petite Menagerie
Hair: Zoe King

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Luana Suicide

Remember how I teased you with a few pictures of half finished hats? Well here are a couple shots of the beautiful Luana modeling one of my fascinators in a shoot for Suicide Girls. I haven't gotten the name of the photographer yet and will post it as soon as I know.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hats hats hats

I'm preparing to vend at Edwardian Ball, which is coming up fast on January 21-22. It will be so much fun, I really can't wait. A costume extravaganza, plus vending to boot! This is my first year attending, and I'll be vending with Topsy Turvy Design, at what is sure the be the most awesome booth there. Can't wait to show you!

In preparing for the Ball I'm making tons of hats at a lower price point, so people can wear them away! These little fascinators in a variety of colors and patterns will surely find some good homes. I'm in the process of arranging a photo shoot with a few of them, and after some great shots would love to also sell them on etsy.

Hat Madness!
Completely unrelated to costumes, my darling dog The Baron von Tito, lovingly called Tito, passed away while I was home for the holidays visiting my family. It was really unexpected and I'm amazed every day and the amount it hurts to have him gone. Please go hug your dog today; or bring a bag of dog food, some old towels, or your heart to an animal shelter.