Friday, May 21, 2010

Teardrop Pill Box Hat

I'm so excited about this hat - I think it has turned out adorable and is a cute topper to my costume! On Monday, I made a paper mock-up of a teardrop shaped pillbox. I brought it in to my internship at Topsy Turvy Design on Wednesday, and Kim set me up with all the materials and tools to make it right then. I worked on it for a few hours then, building the majority of the hat out of millinery wire, buckrum, batting, velvet, a sewing machine and some hot glue. She even let me raid her appliques, and helped me decide on the perfect one. She gave me a few dyed peacock feathers and finishing bits, and sent me on my way to finish it up - which I just did today!

I had most of the feathers on hand, waiting for the perfect use. Today, I lined the hat, which included padding out the inside top and using spray glue to adhere black satin. Then, folding and pleating where necesarry, I pinned the lining up the sides, and hand sewing it all in to place. The elastic cord is sewn between the layers to keep the hat on.

Pretty cute for my first start to finish hat!! I even added some peacock and pheasant feathers to my bustle/tail to tie the colorways together. Besides the tray, which I'll need outside help with, I'm considering this costume DONE!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday Skirt

I spent a few hours on Monday making this cute little skirt to go with my Burning Man costume. I think I'm having second thoughts about the bloomers and want to have some options. So, this skirt was born out of a remnant of deep red satin, brown lace, and a black satin sash. I think it will complement the corset and bustle nicely.

I'm almost finished with the costume, but I decided to reshape the corset bust line. So... I'm in the process of shortening the bones and re-tipping them, then there's re-assembling and decorating it. I was so close to being finished!

The last components are the hat and my tray, which my friend Nikko has offered to help me build! So close!

Thanks for looking! I'll post complete photos of the entire outfit once it is complete.