Monday, May 9, 2011


The BF and I moved to a new apartment in Oakland - a two bedroom with an entire room dedicated to my business! I am thrilled to finally have space, and not have to worry about spreading my stuff out and make a mess. Not that he cared, but it definitely compromised my sanity to live amongst my projects as my last workspace doubled as our living room.

I've been making a lot of hats for Topsy Turvy Design, and can't wait to share some exciting new that should be coming sooooooon! But until then, I've finally listed on Etsy my adorable pasties, which are made to coordinate with corresponding fascinators. Check it out below -

Pasties can be attached to your ta-tas with toupee tape or spirit gum, whichever you choose. Many pasties out on the market are lined with felt which leaves residue on your bits and gets gunked up with spirit gum FAST. Luckily, my pasties are lined in faux-leather, which allows for a durable and long life, and clean nipples for you!
Pasties and fascinators are available in my Etsy store! Go to to get a closer look, see all the sizes, and more colors.


  1. These are so cute! I also just moved to a new place in Oakland with enough room to craft, it is so wonderful. Your pieces are so inspiring for me!

  2. Why thank you! Your etsy store is oh so cute! I wish I had more time for knitting... alas. Thanks for finding me!